25 Aug 2011

G'day. We hope we can help you get a 'feel' for what we do through this blog, keep you updated with prayer info, and help us share what's on our heart. Thanks for coming.

To get you started, here's something pretty cool. Today Sean went to have lunch with a pastor to hear about their church's involvement in missions and to see if we can add value to that. Turns out that pastor is thinking about being a missionary in Japan, and Sean could share some about what that might mean if he was to join a WEC team. It's a journey for everyone, and Sean hopes to keep walking that journey with this guy & others. Our passion - as you can see from our vision on the sidebar here - is to help people get where God wants them to be, and as we're 'out there', we meet people God is speaking to about things we can help them with.

Pray for us as we get out there - to find people we can help, based on our experiences and passion.