Hmmm....Anyway, here's some prayer points for June

29 May 2012

Hi everyone,

Although from our blog it may appear we've been sitting on a beach in the sun somewhere doing nothing for a while, the truth is we've been so busy we haven't updated this.

If this blog is a useful tool for you to see what we're up to, we'd like to know - can you drop us an email? We'd like to know if it is helpful or if we keep up with our 'just occasional' updates here.

Here are some June prayer points for us :

1) Praise the Lord that Clarissa's procedure went well and that she is recovering well from it.  Please pray that she will not have many SVT (fast heart rate episodes) and that we will be able to deal with them well when they occur.

2) Pray for Jan as she is involved in a missions conference all day Saturday 2nd June up on the Central Coast, pray that she will have the chance to share with many people interested in missions.

3) We are mentoring some students from SMBC (Sydney Missionary and Bible College), Jan is meeting with Rachel on the 31st May and we are both meeting with Josh and YuLing on the 8th June, pray that we can wise mentors as we help these young people on their missions journeys.  We will continue to meet with them every 3-4 weeks for the rest of the year.

4) Pray for Sean as he attends the CMA (Christian Management Australia) conference in Melbourne from 4-6 June, that this will be a good chance of networking and sharing about WEC with those he meets.  He will then spend the night at our Betel (helping drug addicts) ministry centre sharing a devotion there Wednesday evening as well as seeing how their centre runs before returning to Sydney on the 7th.

5) Jan will be involved in WEC Australia board meetings from 13-15 June, please pray for wisdom as we discuss issues involving personnel, strategy and finances.

6) Sean travels to our WEC training centre in Launceston 18-22 June to share with the students there and meet specifically with students interested in joining our candidates course in 2013, pray for wisdom as he meets with these students to know what is the best path for them.

7) One of our mobilisers from Perth, Denise,  is flying in from 20-23 June to work on updating our short term program with Jan, please pray that our time together will be effective and that we make good progress on this project.

8) Pray for protection for all of us this month, protection for Sean as he travels, protection for Jan and the girls who are home and protection from sickness as the cold weather settles in.

Newsletter sent, here's some highlights

23 Mar 2012

Hi everyone,

We just emailed out our latest newsletter, let us know if you didn't get it.

A couple of highlights:

* (This one didn't even make the newsletter!) Tonight (Fri 23rd Mar) Jan and 2 other mobilisers here in NSW arranged a night of interactive sharing for 2 WEC missionaries on home leave. We had no idea how many people might come as we haven't had any 'public' events here for a while - but over 30 turned up, twice what we had hoped for! Praise The Lord & pray that people will be encouraged and challenged through what's shared.

* Sean is facilitating a Testdrive with 13 Bible college students from 25 March to 1 April.
They are an enthusiastic group of young people and many of them are seriously considering long-term cross cultural missions service, so this is a great opportunity for them to practically prepare for that.
Pray that Sean will have wisdom as he guides and directs them and that the students will grow in confidence and ability in sharing with others.
Pray also that many will hear about Jesus during this time.

* Clarissa was booked in for an Electrophysiological Study on 20 March, but this was cancelled as there were two emergency patients who needed the test done.
We were disappointed, but Clarissa's response put it all in perspective, "I am happy to wait as I don't want those other children to die."We hope the test will be re-scheduled for May.
We would appreciate your prayers as this is a procedure done under general anaesthetic to study the electrical functions of her heart. This will either give Clarissa the all clear from her previous heart problems or will identify if she has still has some issues.
Please pray for wisdom and care for the doctors as they perform this procedure Please pray for Clarissa that she will cope well with all she will experience on this day Pray for wisdom for Sean & Jan as we help both of our girls through this time while dealing with our own.

* Busy Times Ahead—Prayer Points
April 10 -14: We will be travelling as a family to Launceston for WEC’s annual Australia staff conference. Pray for unity among all who attend as we seek God’s will for good strategy for WEC, and for spiritual refreshing. The theme is ‘Radically Love; Deeply Trust; Joyfully Serve’
April 14: We are facilitating a half day conference of our tem of mobilisers as we’ll all be gathered together in one place for the first time in 6 months.
April 14 - 21: Sean is attending a WEC Leadership Development Seminar in Launceston.
April 17 - 25: Jan, Georgi and Clarissa are going to Adelaide to be involved in celebrations for Jan’s Dad’s 80th Birthday.
April 23 - May 1: Sean is attending a WEC International mobilisers conference in South Korea with 25 other mobilisers from many of WEC’s Sending Bases worldwide. Pray for sharing of ideas that will lead to more fruitful mobilising for us all.
May 4 - 6: Sean is helping to facilitate WEC’s first ‘Missionary for a Weekend’ in Melbourne. Pray for participants to be challenged as they take part in the weekend’s activities.

An update from us

29 Feb 2012

Hi friends,

An update for you, thanks for your prayers & support. We will be producing a newsletter in the next 2 weeks so keep an eye open!

1. Praise the Lord that Clarissa has started school well and seems to be enjoying it.  She has been tired with all the transitions but seems to be settling in well.

2. Pray for Jan as she is still seeking the Lord as to how to use the extra time she has now that Clarissa is at school.

3. Sean has been studying a unit with our training team: "Reproducible Storytelling for cross cultural discipleship and evangelism", which is every Monday for a 6 weeks and culminates with a three day intensive at the end of March.  Pray that God will give him opportunities to put into practice what he is learning.

4. Jan has WEC Australia board meetings from 7-9 March, please pray for wisdom and clarity of thinking in these meetings.

5. We have a tentative date for 20th March for Clarissa to have her final test at the Children's hospital, she will be staying in overnight.  Please pray for God's protection over her during this procedure and for Sean and Jan to know God's peace as we wait at the hospital.

6. Jan with another of our mobilisers is organising a Cafe night on March 23rd with three of our missionaries sharing, pray that this will be a good night of challenging young people for missions.

7. Sean is facilitating a Testdrive from 25th March to 1st April with a group of 13 students from a local bible college, they are all interested in missions long term and are an enthusiastic group.  Please pray for wisdom for Sean as he leads, and that it will be an eye opening experience for these students and that people in Western Sydney will hear about Jesus.

Thanks so much for your prayers, SJG&C

Still here!

10 Feb 2012

Hi everyone,

If you've been following our blog you might wonder if we're still around. We are! Our holiday by the beach was a great time of doing very little but building sandcastles (Sean blogged on this on the WEC website - Now we're back into the swing of things.

Clarissa started school this week, she is going to the same school as Georgi (Enfield Public). She is happy to be there and easily relates to other kids there. Georgi is in year 5 and settling in a bit more slowly but is still happy to go to school which is great.

We had a planning meeting with our teammates in Sydney last week which helped to put focus into this year for us all. Among other things, we'll regularly relate to students in local Bible Colleges; run several Missionary For a Weekend experiences, a couple of Testdrives; organise some nights to help people interact with 'real life' missionaries from Cambodia, West Asia & Asia; Jan will continue on our WEC Australia Board & of course we'll continue in our role as Team Leaders - infact Sean will spend a lot more time on this aspect of our ministry in the year to come, especially resourcing the team to do ministry well.

Last week, Sean shared with a group of Koreans visiting Australia on what WEC is, a very different experience - and he will do so again next Thursday (16th). Next week Jan will be attending a 'Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills' Course here in Sydney, every day 9-6 makes for long days!

Sean is also doing a course over the next 8 weeks 1 day per week on 'Biblical Storytelling for Cross-Cultural Church Planting', telling stories is something he's always been good at (;-)) but this will help frame stories that can be used as a tool to help people think about Jesus.

A longer blog this time, but we do say thanks for your prayers and support. We'll blog more often again now - whatever that may mean!

December's Update

29 Nov 2011

Hi everyone,

If you didn't get a copy of our quarterly newsletter, just drop us an email and we'll get a copy for you - it's got some interesting bits and pieces in it.

Here are some prayer points for the next month or so - not sure how much you'll hear from us til the end of January as we're looking forward to a holiday.

1.  Praise the Lord for a successful Missionary for a Weekend in November, the weekend ran smoothly and the participants were challenged about their role in cross cultural mission.  One of the participants will join one of our Asian fields for 12 months next year.

2. Jan's trip to Perth went well, she was able to meet with each of our mobilisers there and reflect on their last year of ministry and look to next year and what they hope to achieve.

3.  Pray for Jan as she leads her last playgroup on December 1st, that she will finish well and have a good chance to share with the ladies.

4. Pray for Sean as he runs another Missionary for a Weekend 2nd-4th December, this is for a group from Dubbo, pray that they will really be challenged about coming out of their comfort zone and be able to talk and share with people of other cultures.

5.  Jan will be involved with the WEC board meetings from 7th-9th December, pray that we will have wisdom and clarity from the Lord to move forward in the decisions we need to make.

6. Pray for safe travel to Adelaide for Christmas 22nd-23rd December as we will be driving over.

7. Pray for a good break over January as we take time out as a family, please pray for physical and spiritual refreshing for the year to come.

Four Fantastic Friendly Prayer Points For You

07 Nov 2011

1)  Praise the Lord that Clarissa's stress test went well last month, we are now waiting to hear the results from her cardiologist and then one more test before she can get the all clear.

2) Jan is going to Perth on Wednesday (9th -13th) for a few days to visit our mobilisers there, to encourage them and share in their ministry there.  Pray for safe travel and a good time with our mobilisers, and for Sean and the girls at home.  This is the first time that it is Jan travelling and Sean at home with the girls, so a change in roles for us both.

3) Pray for Sean as he facilitates a Missionary for a Weekend 11-13th  (while Jan is away), we have 5 participants so far, please pray that they will be challenged about sharing Jesus with people from other backgrounds over the weekend and in the future.

4) On the 15th Sean and or Jan are going to share at Capernwray Bible college in Moss Vale (an 1 1/2 out of Sydney), pray that we will be able to challenge the students about their place in missions.

Thankyou so much for your prayers,

Jan and Sean


20 Oct 2011

Hi everyone,

Just realised that a number of things have passed as we've run through life so wanted to update you. Points in italics are from our last update, followed by an update:

"We are in the midst of working on the new WEC website - it is being designed by a graphic designer but we need to write / bring over all the content and check it -please pray for this process."

It will be live by the time you read this, or shortly after - Praise The Lord! If you visit and see 'imagine me...' then you'll know it's the new one.
BTW, WEC is offering a free thankyou gift to anyone in Australia who visits & makes a comment on the site, so if you'd like something for nothing (or actually...for your thoughts) then comment away.

Clarissa has her stress test on October 13th 915am (Sydney time), pray that she will be able to complete this test and that her heart will continue in sinus rhythm for the whole test.  Please pray too, that the cardiologist will look at her results soon after the test and that her final test can be scheduled this year.

Praise The Lord Clarissa completed the test even more effectively (timewise) than her previous one, we haven't heard back from the cardiologist but are still praying for a quick scheduling of the final test, and we're very positive about her health.

Pray for Clarissa who has her school orientation on the 14th Oct, 21 Oct, 28th Oct and 4th Nov, for 1 1 /2 hours each day, pray that she will settle in well and begin the transition to school.

She's loving it!

Pray for Sean as he edits and brings together the WEC magazine for the printer by 18th October .

This should be done today, check out from mid next week to read it - or contact us if you'd like a copy emailed or posted to you.

On another note, it's Jan's birthday on Monday (and was Sean's a couple of weeks ago), we're praising God for another year in Him.

God Bless,


05 Oct 2011

Hi everyone,

Thanks for praying for Sean's sermon, there was really positive feedback from it. 7 church members went to the mosque we mentioned afterwards to interact on a learning level from Muslims, and found it really helpful in terms of understanding how a Muslim thinks.

We've got some current prayer points, will let you know how they go over this month:

1) This month we are meeting with two couples who are considering joining WEC long term, pray that our time will go well with these couples and that they and we will know if WEC is the right path for them.
2) We are in the midst of working on the new WEC website - it is being designed by a graphic designer but we need to write / bring over all the content and check it -please pray for this process.
3) Clarissa has her stress test on October 13th 915am (Sydney time), pray that she will be able to complete this test and that her heart will continue in sinus rhythm for the whole test.  Please pray too, that the cardiologist will look at her results soon after the test and that her final test can be scheduled this year.
4) Pray for Clarissa who has her school orientation on the 14th Oct, 21 Oct, 28th Oct and 4th Nov, for 1 1 /2 hours each day, pray that she will settle in well and begin the transition to school.
5) Pray for Sean as he edits and brings together the WEC magazine for the printer by 18th October .
6) We are running our next Missionary for a Weekend November 11-13, so please pray that we will be coming in contact with potential participants for this in the next few weeks.

God  Bless,



22 Sep 2011

First up, thanks to those who've shared our excitement on the removal of Clarissa's medication, it's great to hear from you. She has gone fine without her medicine and so we're continuing to trust that all is fine.

Thanks too for those who prayed for our mobilisation conference (mentioned in our newsletter), the team related well despite only meeting 'in person' a couple of times a year - we are all committed to one purpose and that becomes clear whenever we meet. We also enjoy enjoying one another and God, and especially appreciated the opportunity we had one afternoon together to get out and see some of Sydney on a beautiful sunny day.

This Sunday we'd appreciate your prayers as Sean is speaking at our church here (Ashfield Baptist) on 2 Corinthians 4:3-7, followed by the chance for church attendees to come along to an open day at a local Mosque, where Muslims literally open their doors for anyone to come in. We'd love for it to be an opportunity for people of our church to interact on a deeper level with Muslims - pray for this.

Thanks very much, we appreciate you all!


07 Sep 2011

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately last weekend Sean got sick with the family flu and so couldn't go to either event. However, we were still able to have a 'virtual presence' at the Saturday event & others went to the Sunday event where over a dozen Muslims gained access to the Word of God in written, visual & oral form.
Everyone in the family is now well on the road to recovery, and looking forward to a short break this weekend at a friend's wedding.

We did have some exciting news we wanted to share. Just days after we asked you to pray in our newsletter that we would have news from Clarissa's doctors, the cardiologist rang.
He has given the ok for her to stop medicine in the next week, as her previous test showed no signs of abnormality. Praise The Lord!
She still has 2 more tests to go (the first on 13th Oct), but if they all go smoothly - as we believe they will - then she is free of the medicine forever.

Thanks for your prayers, we love them.


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