Relief Efforts by SIM for the Flooding in Peru

Impassable, but not Impossible

03 Apr 2017

When Pastor Lindorf Chamorro's team arrived in Bamba Alta, the road was impassable.  They had to make several trips in smaller vehicles to get to the people that government officials had agreed to assemble together.  After a devotional from the Bible, 100 families received the donations.  Then there was a time of personal counseling.  Pastor Chamorro appreciated how these donations and the dedication of the 40 volunteers worked together to alleviate needs for these families.  “We are taking them the message of solidarity, love, faith and hope,” Pastor Chamorro said.  Next Saturday this group hopes to go to another area that is also very isolated and transportation only can reach so far.  “The mayor is a Christian and has asked for help for all the town, especially needing food, repellent and blankets,” Pastor Chamorro said.

Your donations to the SIM disaster relief fund helped purchase 300 blankets, 400 cans of tuna, 100 bottles of repellent and 100 packages of diapers.  Thanks!