Relief Efforts by SIM for the Flooding in Peru

Flood Relief in Trujillo

31 Mar 2017

Trujillo is the 3rd largest city in Peru and was arguably the hardest hit city from the recent catastrophic flooding.  Until recently, aerial photos of the city showed a large lake with neatly arrayed buildings on an invisible underwater grid.  Yesterday, after several days of logistical planning, SIM missionary Jason Brink and his son Ethan traveled to Trujillo to help out with relief efforts.   They are partnering with the large Christian Missionary Alliance church in Trujillo (nearly 1000 members) and SIM's disaster relief fund to buy necesities for people, many of whom have lost everything.  They also participated in the physical work of cleaning up the dirt left by rivers of mud that coursed through the city.

This morning, breakfast was served to about 200 people.

The cleanup is dusty, dirty work.

Pray that the love shown to those who have lost so much will draw them to Christ.