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Why is University Ministry Important?

13 Aug 2012

Why is university ministry so important? I spoke with Josué Olmedo, an experienced university student worker from Ecuador. He is part of a national Christian university group which is part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Josué gave me two reasons why this ministry is so important - the first reason was not one I expected.

1. Universities are where we cultivate the production of knowledge

Universities are an important part of our culture. It is here that we cultivate the production of knowledge. So it's important for us as Christians that we be part of this process so that we enable this to happen in a Christian way.

2. We have the opportunity to minister to and to serve the future leaders of the country.

Students who graduate will serve in key positions in the country - in the political arena, in business and in health, etc. We hope we might influence them and in turn they can influence others.

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