The Georges in Peru

"You better remove that cyst in the OR just in case you bleed a lot."

28 Mar 2017

I'm in Lima for the regional meeting for the SIM Americas directors (the field directors for countries like Peru, the US, Uruguay, etc.).  One of the Lima missionaries has had an annoying cyst on her back for a couple of years and last year went to a Peruvian clinic to ask to have it taken out.  They told her they'd need to do it in an operating room in case there was a lot of bleeding!  So I threw a laceration kit into my luggage and her husband picked me up at the airport.  It took me about 10 minutes to remove the cyst (I could look up the exact time since they filmed it so she could watch her own surgery later!) and there was less than 1 ml of blood.  Clearly the 'too much blood' excuse was a ploy to be able to charge a lot more money than I did (which was a ride from the airport)!