The Georges in Peru

It's on Facebook, it's official now.

26 Feb 2017

Yesterday, Mary Beth and I went to a funeral/burial of Elizabeth's mother who died in a freak auto accident on Thursday.  Mary Beth was Elizabeth's camp counselor in the past, so they have grown close over the years.  I was amazed at Elizabeth's dad who directed a lot of the funeral himself without a tear or quivering voice.  I think people here get so used to tragedy they become hardened to it.  

This year we have had an unusual amount of rain for the desert and yesterday it continued.   We got rained on at the cemetery and were thankful that another friend loaned us her umbrella.  Since the city isn't prepared for rain, the streets become rivers and on our way home the traffic was so bad that at one point it took over 30 minutes to go half a mile.  Since we were sitting in traffic we decided it was a good time to change our 'relationship status' on Facebook.  We had initially thought we would do it on Valentine's Day, shortly after we started going out, but there were a few people that we needed to tell in person, and Elizabeth was one of the last ones.  

So yes, it's true!  I have an 'enamorada' now.  Mary Beth is a fellow SIM missionary from Canada, whom I have known for about 12 years.  Over the years she has spent a lot of time with my family, working with the horses with Sarah out at camp and coming over after youth events.   She puts Christ first in her life, has a servant's heart (at yesterday's funeral she got up to help serve drinks), is sincere and genuine, and funloving.  I feel so fortunate and think often of James 1:17: Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

I feel even more blessed than usual!