The Georges in Peru

Can you find the mistake in this picture?

28 Jul 2018

My childhood babysitter used to subscribe to Grit Magazine, which had a puzzle each week, "Can you find the six errors in the following cartoon?"  As a child, I spent hours searching through a stack of magazines finding errors.  Can you see what's wrong in this picture?

We are in the middle of a two-week ophthalmology campaign.  About 60 people, including 10 opthalmologists and optometrists, are working together to attend to 400 patients a day providing cataract and other eye surgeries and telling them about our hope in Jesus.   There are long lines.  Thursday, I asked patient #253 what time she had gotten in line that morning and she said, "2 am"!  Yes, by 2 am there were already just over 250 people in line ahead of her!  Some of them just needed reading glasses, which they can easily get here in Arequipa without waiting in line for 12 hours, but the draw of North American doctors (about half American and half Canadian, just like Mary Beth and I!) is irresistible for some.

Did you figure out what is wrong in this picture?  The patient broke the left temple (the long arm that goes over the patient's ear) on his glasses and repaired it with a temple made for the right side!  Very resourceful if one can't afford to get his glasses repaired at the optician's shop!  But, it didn't work very well, since the temple folded in the wrong direction!  (not to mention that it didn't match the color, which might have been the error you found).