Relief Efforts by SIM for the Flooding in Peru

Video of relief efforts

13 Apr 2017

The mayor of one of the districts in Lima is a Christian.  SIM Peru partnered with several local churches and the mayor to provide relief to people affected by the flooding in an area of Lima called Paramonga.  SIM helped with the purchase of blankets, diapers, cans of tuna repellent and medicines for these efforts.  You can see a video of relief efforts here.  Thanks for your donations and prayers!  Pray that people are introduced to our Savior Jesus during this difficult time!

Water Filters for Pacura

07 Apr 2017

Yesterday, Jason and Ethan Brink returned to each of the locations in Pacura where the displaced people are living in tents or sleeping on the ground or on cots.  Temperatures were nearly 90˚F with high humidity.  The heat in the buildings where up to 30 families were living was stifling.  Fortunately, each location has running water, however we know the quality of the water is inconsistent.  Jason placed filters in each location that they are providing relief and taught the leaders how to use them and keep them clean.  The filters will provide more than enough pure drinking water for all of the families.

"Huaico! Huaico! Huaico!"

06 Apr 2017

"Huaico!" is the word they use in Peru to describe a wall of mud coming down a hillside.  On March 17th, it was a word repeatedly screamed by people trying to alert others to wake up and escape with their lives before a wall of mud engulfed their homes.  This is the story that SIM missionary Martin Wieland heard people in the district of Lurigancho tell him when he asked them to describe what they had experienced.  Martin has partnered with the organization Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) to help provide relief to those who have lost everything they owned.  They had to escape carrying their children and anything they could carry not even knowing to where they should run.  Chaos ensued as family members searched for their children, husbands and wives.  At times an entire day passed before they could be reunited with other family members and know they were safe.

"What will you do now?" 

"We don't want to just lie on the ground.  We have to get up again.  Thanks to the help we have received we have the strength and hope to start again.  God will give me the strength and help I need.  We have to continue forward for our children.  We have to encourage others who have gone through this tragedy with us.  We have to stay united to continue forward."

Thanks to your help, SIM Peru has been able to provide God's love in a tangible way.


04 Apr 2017

Yesterday, SIM partnered with Helping Hands, Water Missions Interntional and the Trujillo Alliance Church to provide 2000 liters of  water and 200 meals to those impacted from extreme flooding.

Impassable, but not Impossible

03 Apr 2017

When Pastor Lindorf Chamorro's team arrived in Bamba Alta, the road was impassable.  They had to make several trips in smaller vehicles to get to the people that government officials had agreed to assemble together.  After a devotional from the Bible, 100 families received the donations.  Then there was a time of personal counseling.  Pastor Chamorro appreciated how these donations and the dedication of the 40 volunteers worked together to alleviate needs for these families.  “We are taking them the message of solidarity, love, faith and hope,” Pastor Chamorro said.  Next Saturday this group hopes to go to another area that is also very isolated and transportation only can reach so far.  “The mayor is a Christian and has asked for help for all the town, especially needing food, repellent and blankets,” Pastor Chamorro said.

Your donations to the SIM disaster relief fund helped purchase 300 blankets, 400 cans of tuna, 100 bottles of repellent and 100 packages of diapers.  Thanks!

Continued efforts in Trujillo

01 Apr 2017

Today Jason and Ethan visited people who were devastated by the mudslides that swept through their homes and businesses.  In many cases mud filled the homes from floor to ceiling.  These people have lost all of their belongings.  Most people told Jason that they only had 5 minutes warning to get out of their homes and literally run for their lives to escape the river of mud.  Today, SIM partnered with the Alliance church to provide food, water, and clothing for nearly 300 families.  The cleanup will take months.  Please continue to pray for the people of Peru.

basic survival rations given to those affected by the floods

The owner probably wishes he had rolled up the window.

Flood Relief in Trujillo

31 Mar 2017

Trujillo is the 3rd largest city in Peru and was arguably the hardest hit city from the recent catastrophic flooding.  Until recently, aerial photos of the city showed a large lake with neatly arrayed buildings on an invisible underwater grid.  Yesterday, after several days of logistical planning, SIM missionary Jason Brink and his son Ethan traveled to Trujillo to help out with relief efforts.   They are partnering with the large Christian Missionary Alliance church in Trujillo (nearly 1000 members) and SIM's disaster relief fund to buy necesities for people, many of whom have lost everything.  They also participated in the physical work of cleaning up the dirt left by rivers of mud that coursed through the city.

This morning, breakfast was served to about 200 people.

The cleanup is dusty, dirty work.

Pray that the love shown to those who have lost so much will draw them to Christ.

Letter from the Lima Calvary Chapel pastor

28 Mar 2017

This letter was sent to SIM from the pastor of the Lima Calvary Chapel pastor after their recent visit to Huarmey:

Thank you so much for partnering with us in our effort to bring relief to those affected by the recent mudslides and flooding in Huarmey.

Our team of 50+ left for Huarmey at 5am last Saturday and returned at 10pm that day. We served breakfast and lunch for about 600 people and provided almost 5 tons worth of food supplies, water, clothes and basic medicines. We were able to give a basic talk on flooding-related disease prevention and treat minor wounds of those whose hard work had gotten the best of them. 

Also, thanks to your generous donation for the purchase of 3 water pumps we were able to help 4 families in getting water out of their flooded houses. We also were able to share a short message from God's word and prayed with dozens of people to receive Christ (many of which were children living in the affected areas). 

It was a long day and yet it felt like a drop in a bucket, reason for which we intend on coming back to help with physical labor within the next 2 weeks.

¡¡Fuerza Hermanos!!

26 Mar 2017

Today, SIM missionary Chris Conti visited the Vitarte (a neighborhood of Lima) Evangelical church to meet with the pastor and his wife and others.  The church feels called to help an area called Carapongo where most of the people lost their homes and everything they owned.   There are about 40 families affected in this way.  A 'community pot' (someone cooks and everyone eats) has been started but many don't even have plates or bowls to eat off of!  Relief funds will be used to provide tents, blankets, repellent, food and medicines as soon as possible.  Your donations to the SIM relief fund help make this possible.

A can of tuna with 'Fuerza hermanos' (Stay strong, brothers!), one of the mottos of the flood relief, being written on it.



Pumps for Huarmey

25 Mar 2017

One of the churches that SIM Peru is partnering with in the flood relief efforts is the Lima Calvary Chapel Church.  Yesterday, SIM used your donations to purchase three gas-powered pumps that will be used to pump muddy water out of homes in Huarmey, one of the cities hardest hit by the flooding.   Huarmey is located about four hours up the coast from Lima.  Calvary Chapel planned on distributing clean water, food, medicines and the physical labor to help remove mud from homes in Huarmey starting today.  Pray that all our relief efforts can be done in a loving way, meeting the needs of those who need it most. 


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