The Apostle's Creed and the Lord's Prayer

29 Jan 2015

January: a big month in France this year!


There are usually 2 different weeks which emphasize Christian Unity. The third week of January for the Catholics, Orthodoxe, Protestant and now Evangelical churches. Apparently, this effort has been around since 1908! This year's theme based on the meeting between the Samaritan woman and Jesus at the well (John 4) was prepared by Brazil.

Never Underestimate what a Man will understand while Drunk.

29 Dec 2014

MJ is a drunk.  I've seen him 7 times and he's been drunk 5 of those times.  Last night our church held a farewell for us at church, with people saying lots of nice things, gifts of sweaters and fruit cake and a visit from MJ.  Drunks scare people.  It probably doesn't help that they often have a glass bottle in their hands as they stumble about.   In fact, the first time I met MJ he had thrown a glass bottle of liquor into the street, hitting the pastor's car during the sermon, setting off the car alarm.

The Ants come Marching one by one...

09 Dec 2014

When we returned from my Mother's funeral in the States, we were greeted by a stream of ants parading through our kitchen.  Not nasty stinging ants, so one wouldn't think it was a problem, but Amy thought that I should do something about them. What did they do to hurt me?  Besides drowning by the thousands in our jar of honey with a loose lid?  Amy took the initiative and put out some ant powder, but they kept coming in.  It turns out they had made a colony under our dishwasher, which was sitting on some broken concrete.  I can fix this, I thought.

Day 7 - Pray for France

09 Nov 2014

Thanks to IMB for these realistic portraits.

Bretagne and Normandy are real spiritual deserts. I am part of the Women's Christian movement: Femmes 2000 and our sisters from these departments (and they are few) often express loneliness and fatigue linked to the struggle to bring the Gospel to these areas.


The National Council of French Evangelicals has launched a church-planting campaign over the next 10 years: aim: 1 Evangelical church for 10,000 people.


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